Move Over Bruce Wayne, It’s Time for “Batimami”—New Single from Mami Sandunga & Chaboi

Mami Sandunga & Chaboi
Photo: Farah Sosa

A new superhero has entered our realm. Get Robert Pattinson out of your head because our new savior is Mami Sandunga & Chaboi, and their new track, “Batimami.” It’s a club anthem (minus the club), fueled by Chaboi’s fusion trap production, that begs listeners to dance. This is the first joint single the duo has released since they began collaborating last year, and, from the sound of it, there are more collaborations in store.

“’Batimami’ es un tema de reggaeton energetico de la vocalista Puertorriqueña Mami Sandunga y el productor Chaboi de los Angeles que le da tributo al sonido de Daddy Yankee y Ivy Queen de los años 2000. Como una luz en el cielo, “Batimami” aparece cuando sus amigas mas la necesitan: para armar la fiesta.

 ‘Batimami’ is a high-energy dance floor anthem reminiscent of Daddy Yankee and Ivy Queen’s mid 2000s reggaeton glory with up and coming Puerto Rican vocalist Mami Sandunga and Los Angeles producer Chaboi. Like a light in the sky, Batimami appears when her friends need her most, to get the party started.”

When your party needs a shot of tequila to the veins, call Batimami. The track’s music video, directed by Bianca Maieli, is comprised of crowdsourced clips of friends of the band, all of which prove that even Zoom parties are lit.

Latinx pop has become the style du jour, and Chaboi, co-founder and music director of Late Night Laggers, carves out his own niche by expertly incorporating moombahton and trap influences on “Batimami.” The song’s beat change halfway through is capable of starting a raucous shindig alone.

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by: Zoë Elaine

batimami mami sandunga and chaboi
“Batimami” single art

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