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Mami Sandunga
“Mademoiselle Blonte” is Mami Sandunga’s and Chaboi’s concussive, dance-floor anthem

Mami Sandunga has shared her newest single in the form of “Mademoiselle Blonte,” a heavy reggaeton banger that features the singer’s third collaboration with producer Chaboi. Concussive beats and Sandunga’s biting lyricism embody the fierce, rebellious spirit that Sandunga associates with the track, using it as a means of overcoming any bit of timidness she […]

Steven Ward |
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Move Over Bruce Wayne, It’s Time for “Batimami”—New Single from Mami Sandunga & Chaboi

A new superhero has entered our realm. Get Robert Pattinson out of your head because our new savior is Mami Sandunga & Chaboi, and their new track, “Batimami.” It’s a club anthem (minus the club), fueled by Chaboi’s fusion trap production, that begs listeners to dance. This is the first joint single the duo has […]