Mami Sandunga

Mami Sandunga has shared her newest single in the form of “Mademoiselle Blonte,” a heavy reggaeton banger that features the singer’s third collaboration with producer Chaboi. Concussive beats and Sandunga’s biting lyricism embody the fierce, rebellious spirit that Sandunga associates with the track, using it as a means of overcoming any bit of timidness she might still have. But it’s also a sharp rebuke of the criticisms older generations can sling at younger ones, with Sandunga embodying this ideal of an individual living life without being dictated by other people’s opinions. But it was also made for the dancefloor, making “Mademoiselle Blonte” an unabashedly untamed anthem, quaking percussiveness and all, that is beyond irresistible to dance to.


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“Mademoiselle Blonté es mi canción favorita! Esta es la primera vez que utilizo la música como herramienta para expresar mi rebeldía y dominar mi timidez,” Sandunga said of the song. “Para este tema quise regresar a los tiempos de antes. Un reggaeton pesado, lento y de frente; sin miedo. Que te de ganas de frontear junto a tu amistades.”

The video for “Mademoiselle Blonte” keeps that energy going with Sandunga and Chaboi hitting the streets of Los Angeles (masked-up) to celebrate the song’s release.

Watch the music video for the new single “Mademoiselle Blonte” below!

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