Mami Sandunga y Chaboi

Mami Sandunga and Chaboi are back with bass-thumper “Guaya Como Lima,” the latest single and music video for the powerhouse duo to collaborate on. At this point, the Los Angeles-based singer and DJ/producer have made a name for themselves in creating the kind of sweltering dance hits that you stay on repeat. With “Guaya Como Lima” they combine snappy rhythms and elastic bass with fiery results.


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As usual, Sandunga drops bars like mics as she raps her way through the track’s buoyant and excited reggaeton beats. Which of course were created by Chaboi, who is responsible for laying down the risqué and sensual soundscape that pulsates on “Guaya Como Lima.” Everything about the song is deliberately intoxicating, from its syncopated rhythms to Sandunga’s hypnotizing presence, and it’s a reminder of the duo’s incomparable talent for creating such delicious Latin jams.

The music video for “Guyaya Como Lima,” directed by Rafa Jimenez, is just as stunningly vibrant as the song, one filled with the kind of bright mono-colored sets that make the whole thing just pop. From pink wigs and groovy 70’s style outfits the visual aesthetics continue the duo’s knack for embodying starkly unique visuals. And while the video perfectly compliments the song’s sultry club vibe going — Sandunga and Chaboi are also there to just have fun.

Catch Chaboi at the Levitt Pavilion on Friday, Aug. 19 with his DJ crew Late Night Laggers, as well as Ms. Nina and Adrezka.

Watch the video for Mami Sandunga and Chaboi’s new single “Guaya Como Lima” below!

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Words by Steven Ward

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