Los Angeles psych-pop outfit SWIMM have shared their latest single, “Feel Better,” with a music video that offers an absolutely stunning view of Californian coastline. The film, which is shot with an aerial view of the rocky seaside, follows the steady pace of a woman in red as she makes her way up the beach. And while the sweeping shots of golden coast and the woman’s vibrant red gown add to the song’s sublime and blissful energy, its subject matter is far less enjoyable.

Inspired by the “cliches of men in Hollywood taking advantage of starry-eyed transplants,” which he saw happen to a woman he knew, the song attempts to highlight the kind of strength and perseverance it takes to embark on that journey as a woman.

“I became invested in the story of this woman and wanted to trace things back to the start for her,” Hess said of the single’s inspiration. “When her aspirations fueled a very courageous leap of faith. She is one of the most courageous people I know and this song is my way of reminding her of that and of the chimerical nature of chasing a dream and that despite what the manipulative fiends of this weird ass city say, it is okay to slow down and do what you need to do to feel good.”

But the song’s surging synth melody and its spacious soundscapes also offer a soothing sanctuary, with “Feel Good” also existing in the year 2020, a year that needs a “makeshift mantra,” Hess says, to remember when we do indeed feel better.

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Watch the video for SWIMM’s new single “Feel Better”

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