Restore Your Faith in Community with Sumeau’s “Circle Circle” Ahead of Forthcoming This Is Not a Dream LP

Photo by Eric Peterson

It’s impossible to track the days anymore, and yet local nine-piece collective Sumeau (say: sumo) has dropped the perfect Sunday morning tune. “Circle Circle” is the lead single from their forthcoming record, This Is Not a Dream, due out November 13th. The easygoing track, a pinnacle of dream-pop, celebrates the people in our lives that put hope and happiness within reach. Listen to it below. 

“’Circle Circle’ is a tribute to friendship, specifically with the womxn in my life who give me hope for the future. When we sit together, listen as one, holding space and marveling at the moon, we are light for one another which cuts through all darkness.” – Kat Primeau 

Joy is served in perpetual heaps on “Circle Circle.” The title is a symbolic placeholder, referring to physical and spiritual cycles, all of which lead back to the light. The song comes from the perspective of lead singer and co-founder of the group, Kat Primeau, whose voice feels like the gentle steam coming off a fresh cup of joe. Noodling guitar licks fearlessly welcome whatever may come next. 

This Is Not a Dream album art

Sumeau was founded by the now-married duo Chris Sousa (Su-) and Primeau (-meau), and it quickly grew into a community unto itself. The sounds Sousa and Primeau dreamed of making in the band require additional players to do it justice, and so today they record and perform with seven more “bliss babies,” an affectionate name for the Sumeau bandmates. This Is Not a Dream will be their sophomore album since their eponymous 2014 debut. 

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Words: Zoë Elaine

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