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Fischer King, the alt pop producer/songwriter who crafts “pitch-black” soundscapes that split the difference between James Blake and Nine Inch Nails has shared a new single in the form of “Lost.” King’s vocals carry the bulk of the song’s emotional weight, his deepening murmurs and whispers digging themselves into his disorientation–but then the track dips and fades and thrusts forward with its cascading synth melodies, and the fanfare is as potent as can be.

Raised early on the “bombastic” nature of classical music, the Los Angeles-based Fischer King mirrors that largess on “Lost” — his vocals sharing the stage with the moody whines of guitars and frantic electronica.

What Fischer King describes as “existential crisis pop” seems an appropriate description; and while it was originally a bit of a joking label, Fischer King now finds that it perfectly captures both the kind of music he’s trying to create, and also the state-of-mind both and he and those listening are in.

“Lost” follows lead-single “Fault Lines” and “Wish,” all of which are set to appear on Fischer King’s upcoming EP. Much like “Lost,” the album will detail the less polished moments life has to offer, with “addiction and deception” playing a role as Fischer King explores some of his darker moments for illumination.

“At its the core the music is largely concerned with what one’s purpose might be, what in life holds actual value, and how one’s environment can affect those perceptions,” said Fischer King of the music. “’Wish’ and ‘Lost’ hit this particularly well: ‘Wish’ about searching for answers to impossible questions in the wrong places, and ‘Lost’ about losing your footing outside the context of a relationship.” 

Fischer King’s self-titled EP is out October 14. Visit his website, Twitter, and Instagram to stay updated on new releases and announcements.

Listen to Fischer King’s new single “Lost”

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