Egg Drop Soup Drops New Single In Anticipation of their New EP and a Dicey Presidential Election

Photo: Ned Casual

2020 has been hard for many to contextualize, and with an upcoming presidential election that is likely to be a total disaster for many reasons, it may be difficult to hold onto hope or sanity. While it’s always best to keep perspective, local band Egg Drop Soup explores the fringes of 2020 frustration in their new single “Hard to Hold On.”

A biting and gruff tune, Egg Drop Soup concocts a grunge-stained melody paired with lyrics that takes no squeamishness in slipping the knife right under the proverbial ribs of the establishment.

Tired of being let down by social and civil constructs, Egg Drop Soup stitch together lyrics of resentment that eventually unravel to release a torrent of visceral but targeted energy. And, with a heavy bass that hangs in the air, crunchy guitars and robust drumming, “Hard to Hold On” has plenty of musical prowess to back up its strong sentiments.

“The first line, “Why would I run for president in a world that’s full of shit,” is indicative of our mounting frustrations with our system, and the song goes on to explore related themes about that and the exhaustion of existing in our world today,” notes lead vocalist and bassist Sam Westervelt.

Recorded, produced, mixed, and mastered by Travis Pavur at Golden Beat Studios, the song’s solid production is paired with a less than refined lyric music video — due to Covid-19 constraints the band cannot film their dream video for “Hard to Hold On.” Older footage has been paired together and edited to capture the feel of their new single while staying covid-19 safe.

Egg Drop Soup are set to release their new EP this December. For more on their new single, upcoming music make sure to follow them on social media or visit their Bandcamp website.

Words: Patricia Sanchez

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