Egg Drop Soup Serve Up A Salty New Music Video for their song “Subdivision”

egg drop soup

Released earlier this year, the single ‘Subdivision” by local L.A. band Egg Drop Soup, is another side spinning single from the punk band breathing new life into genre of punk and grunge music.

Of course the band doesn’t just leave it there. In addition to laying down some sick licks, they do so in the lens of no holds barred feminism, attacking sentiments of conventionality and asking questions no one else seems to be asking, or at least not so directly and in the form of bad ass music.

To add a little more electricity to their music, the band has just released the new music video for “Subdivision,” a simple, yet imaginative depiction of a song about social rebellion.

“The song is about affluenza. It’s about dealing with the self in a world where there are so many standards and practices we’re asked to conform to, yet are expected to do so without challenging them,” says band member Sam Westervelt.

Taking place in someone’s backyard, the video shows bandmates Olivia Saperstein (guitar), Greg Settino (drums) and Westervelt in semi-Medieval clothing with the women in the band going through the motions of pleasing their “king.” That is until one of women decides to investigate her situation a little deeper and realizes all of their behavior and rules imposed on them are as fake as the Medieval props around them.

Cue a hilarious overturn of the castle with band members rejoicing and dancing in the aura of their newfound freedom. But, one last twist is left for the end, when we see a young girl playing with 3 dolls that look like the band. At the very end, she drops the dolls and runs off, leaving our band to fall to the floor.

“Subdivision” was directed by Monica Suriyage, shot by Nick Lennon and produced by Chelsey Colosimo. For more info on the Egg Drop Soup, their music or their epic music videos, make sure to follow them on Instagram or visit the band’s website.

Words: Patricia Sanchez

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