Part of what makes the Los Angeles music scene so interesting is its propensity to marry music with other art forms to enhance the overall mood or effect. It’s the metta that happens when you explore the power music has on the individual and collective soul.

Local favorites L.A. MACHINA took the witchy vibes of the season and paired it with the bewitching nature of that classic, crunchy rock n’ roll sound to create “Highway of the Night,” a power chord anthem to raise the dead souls of rock n’ roll greats while also inspiring newer fans and musicians to meet the darkness head on.

“Inspired by the early 70’s sounds of Black Sabbath and Blue Cheer, blasting at full volume outta the garage — ‘Highway Of The Night’ involves the terminator point — the line where darkness and light meet. On the road to survival; we’re obliterating the evil that will surely come beating down the door,” said Michelle Balderrama, the band’s vocalist and guitar player.

The single, that will be released on vinyl sometime next year, is paired with a kick ass music video that not only shows off L.A. MACHINA’s killer musical chops, but their fashion sense and taste in cars as well.

With their music video directed by the duo known as Enclave Hollywood — L.A. MACHINA are wickedly clad in glimmering costumes, skin tight spandex and jumpsuits galore. The trio struts through the downtown L.A. tunnel and ride in sexy classic muscle cars as images of spooky scenarios collide full force with a liquid metal sound and cheeky attitude.

L.A. MACHINA is comprised of Balderrama (Brainspoon, Electric Children, The Darts US), vocalist-bassist Suzi Moon (Turbulent Hearts, Civet) and drummer Rikki Styxx (The Two Tens, Death Valley Girls), the trio has been working on ear-shattering, female powered, hot-lick-splitting music including their debut 7-inch record “Welcome To The Machina” on Alternative Tentacles Records earlier this fall.

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Words: Patti Sanchez