Kid Bloom tries to see the upside on his buoyant new single “Hold In, Hold On”

Kid Bloom

Kid Bloom is doing his best to inject as much positivity via your eardrums with his newest single, “Hold In, Hold On.” A deliriously catchy track that rollicks forward on woozy guitar riffs and a buoyancy that keeps it bobbing around in your head long after it’s done playing. The song follows the release of the L.A.-based singer/songwriter’s Blood Sugar EP, which featured The Neighbourhood’s Jesse Rutherford and Bloom’s penchant for sleek, neon-pop. But “Hold In, Hold On,” is brighter and lighter, less for navigating the midnight streets and more, brooding over intoxicating infatuations, and more for breezily letting go of the things that keep us down.

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Listen to Kid Bloom’s new single “Hold In, Hold On”

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