Combining laid back beach vibes with a psychedelic lo-fi atmosphere, San Diego native Hether strikes a resonating tone with his newest release ‘Sticky Thumb.’

From echoey reverbs to distorted vocals, the EP pulsates in an interluding fashion; opening with a soft acoustic rumble and building up to the titular track; a driving beat that ramps up only to take a sharp turn into liquid metal. Floaty vocals drift along the metallic stream only to find the machine winding back up again.


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From there, we find an upbeat turn in the previously released single “Sex Wax.” Equal parts pop and psychedelia, it drops you into a dreamscape sensual delight.

In between, we get mellow diatribes and lofty instrumentals in songs that make you feel as if you’ve taken a delightful detour and don’t mind taking the extended route.

By the time you get to the spacey drawl of ‘Sticky Thumb’s’ final songs, you’re well accustomed to the pace and cadence of Hether’s world, where whimsical aloofness is occasionally paired with a less than ideal undertone.

Dreamy, hazy and inviting, Hether’s Paul Castelluzz shows off his multi-talents as a musician who writes, sings and plays guitar. Inspired by a variety of older genres of music, Hether’s music contains uniquely timeless elements.

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Listen to Hether’s new EP:

Words: Patti Sanchez

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