FYÜTCH Fills in the Gaps of American History with Recent Single “Black Women in History”

FYÜTCH Fills in the Gaps of American History with Recent Single “Black Women in History”

If FYÜTCH circulated a petition to change the name of that annual celebration to “Black Herstory Month,” I’d sign it. The educational songwriter and artist has based his career on uplifting Black stories through hip hop and spoken word poetry. His intent is to fill in the gaps left by the American school system, which has never told the full story of liberation—and has even gone so far as to spread lies.

“Black Women in History,” the latest single from FYÜTCH, specifically highlights Black women, both contemporary and of generation’s past, whose achievements have re-shaped our nation. 


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As a distant relative of Fannie Lou Hamer himself, FYÜTCH takes Black history seriously. The hip hop artist wants listeners to remember that Black history is constantly happening in front of our eyes; Stacey Abrams and Kamala Harris are just as relevant to the tapestry as Shirley Chisholm and Ida B. Wells. Voter suppression is not a new issue, as FYÜTCH makes clear by offering context for every featured trailblazer, yet there are many other milestones that we tend to forget. He also celebrates Rebecca Crumpler and Dr. Kizzmekia Corbett, the former the first Black woman to receive a medical degree and the latter a Black woman who helped create the COVD-19 vaccine. 

“Black Women in History” features two Black singers who have blazed trails in their own right. Rissi Palmer is a country artist who pens protest anthems; she made headlines when she became the first Black woman in two decades to crack the Billboard country charts. Today she continues to spotlight other BIPOC artists with her Apple Music radio show ‘Color Me Country.’

Snooknuk is a children’s program spearheaded by Cheri Moon. She makes youthful ditties about hand-washing among other topics and her channel features bedtime stories as well as other wholesome activities. 

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by: Zoë Elaine

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