Chaos Chaos Release New Multi-Media Single with Shapeshifting Animated Music Video

Synth pop duo Asy and Chloe Saavedra, AKA Chaos Chaos, dropped the psychedelic tinged banger, “Eternal,” a new single off their yet to be released sophomore album, Ethical Plum.

The new tune features all the bells and whistles that accompany a good synth induced melody, complete with an animated music video that focuses on two sisters in the midst of a trippy, shape shifting experience where they realize they have the super power to turn into a demon.

While the lyrics sometimes sound like a relationship turned sour, other parts are harder to decipher or pin down; a trait of the song indicative of its creation and mood of its creator at the time.


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“I wrote ‘Eternal’ in one sitting one summer day during quarantine,” Asy said. ”I had all this manic energy and wanted to make a screamo pop song, where I could cathartically release my energy in the screamo sections, but I decided to cushion that with quirky pop sounds using my plug in go-tos: synplant for synth sounds and permut for chopping up and affecting drum loops. I wrote it and then went on a jog on the beach and listened to it and it felt like it expressed the energy I wanted: cooped up manic anger and excitement.”

The result of Asy’s restlessness evokes both a controlled and powerless state of being in the song that really resonates with the experiences of the past year.

Chaos Chaos’s upcoming album elaborates on the restless energy felt by the band and ushers its listeners into an alternate reality where earth is dealing with the aftermath of technological progress gone awry. With personal experiences woven throughout, the collection aims to pierce through to its listeners via doomsday pop ballads tinged in an unhinged tone. The pair also intend to continue to release music videos for the songs on the album.


“A little over a year ago, my mom, Asy and I were on a long drive. Usually when we’re all together we tend to have a manic energy, spitballing ideas for new inventions, songs, apps etc. this time we were talking about how music streaming platforms don’t seem to work for musicians,” Chloe said. “We were comparing that to tv and movie streaming and realized that people are much more likely to “binge” a tv show than an album. We decided to make our second full-length album into a multimedia anthology series called Ethical Plum which features us as the main characters. The series tells the story of two sisters with a supernatural ability to turn into a demon, and each episode is created by a unique visual artist who picks the story up where the previous artist left off. The first episode is ‘Eternal.’ We’re so excited to continue the anthology and see how the story unfolds as we collaborate with artists on the next episodes!”

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Words: Patti Sanchez

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