Premiere: Asy of Chaos Chaos debuts latest score from indie video game ‘Trover Saves The Universe’

Photo by Charlotte Rutherford

Los Angeles artist, Asy of Chaos Chaos has scored the Soundtrack for Justin Roiland of Rick and Morty’s indie video game, Trover Saves The Universe! Today, Asy debuts the latest single “Track Star” (Demo) from the soundtrack.

The new track is an exotic, electro-adventure of sound that joyously traverses through Sci-Fi wormholes of glorious bombast. Like with every adventure, there’s moments of darkness. Asy’s voice mutates with otherworldly vocal range as her piano keys add to the changing mood.

With Trover Saves The Universe, the video game throws players into a
“world of chaos, exploding bodies, and salty language geared for the gamer sect.” Asy’s brilliant score makes for the perfect aural complement.

Despite sometimes being a “scary” process, Asy enjoys sharing demos like “Track Star” because it allows for her to be vulnerable, inviting listeners into her creative process.

“I wrote this song when I was on hold with the IRS, hence the hold music in the beginning,” shares Asy. “I have always been really interested in cults and the similarities between leadership / cult leadership, members of a community / members of a cult. At the time of writing the song I had just learned about the Heaven’s Gate Cult and was fascinated by it so I was naturally inspired by it when I wrote ‘Track Star’. I tried to sing from the perspective of a cult member. I found that there were a lot of cultlike parallels in current times with virtual communities and echo chambers of beliefs. But then I thought a current cult would probably be one that rejected technology altogether, associating it with an ego-fueled desire to fill an interminable emptiness.”

“I imagined that this fictional cult viewed the virtual world as ostentatious and repulsive, and our instagram personas as examples of humans wanting to be like God. I imagined being a cult member and feeling like a total outsider who has this knowledge, this key to happiness, that others don’t have. There’s a lyric in the song that says ‘all of my friends want to be known like they’re God’. But the cult member would be like, ‘I’m outta here…Ready to graduate. Ready to die.’ It’s pretty dark. I liked the contrast of having a sweet bubbly song accompanying this dark message – because that’s sort of how cults feel to me; people walking towards death with content and with huge smiles on their faces. And really, the whole ‘graduation / leveling up’ idea is the same thing we’re all doing — just taken to a different extreme.”

While writing the music for Trover Saves The Universe, Asy watched hours of video games on YouTube. Inspired by Ennio Morricone, Pierro Picionni and K Pop — Asy fused organic and digital sounds to create a unique soundscape. A few key items she utilizes included a digital piano, a Juno 60, a korg prologue, a roland xp30, a theremin, and plugins like synplant, permut, TAl-U-NO-60, and bitspeek.

“Track Star” is from Trover Saves The Universe Soundtrack out September 25. You can presave the song here. The official soundtrack for Trover Saves The Universe features tracks. You can preorder the album and / or the vinyl.

Keep up with Asy via her Instagram. Learn more about her band Chaos Chaos (which was featured on Grimy Goods’ annual forecast for bands to watch in 2020) via their Instagram.

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