Indie Band Conditioner Muse on Surrealist Artist in New Single “Leonora”

Conditioner, an indie pop duo from Los Angeles, dropped their new single, “Leonora,” all about the life of surrealist artist Leonora Carrington; a British-born Mexican artist, one of the few women surrealists of her time.

Turning the bullet points of Carrington’s biography into a bouncy, upbeat single, “Leonora” is an easy song to tune into with its smart lyrics and shimmering melody.

From her cryptic short stories and surreal art, her love affair in France with German surrealist Max Ernst to her forced time spent in a sanitarium in Spain, Conditioner walk us through some of the remarkable highs and lows in Carrington’s life with poetic admiration.

Conditioner break from their history lesson in the chorus to croon to the deceased artist, their desire to have known such a mystifying and daring individual.

While many of the details of Carrington‘s life were complicated and others downright terrible, Conditioner manage to strike a more positive tone, using those events to denote a young rebellious woman trying to find freedom and a different world than the one she was born in.

Conditioner find a muse in the accomplishments of someone who tried her hardest to express herself through her art, and “Leonora” ebbs and flows with a subtly and intrigue.

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Words: Patti Sanchez


Stream: “Lenora” by Conditioner