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Top 20 Badass Frontwomen in Indie/Underground Music

There’s an almost infinite amount of killer women fronting bands these days. We’ve done our best to put together our list of our 20 favorite bad asses that currently front their own bands, while also including some of our favorite lesser-known acts that have the potential to grow into being some of the better known […]

Sandra Burciaga Olinger |
most inspiring women in music
20 Of The Most Inspiring Women in Music

*We’re updating this very popular post for 2019 and including 30 more inspiring women in music! This will round out the list to 50! We’d love your input. Leave a comment with your favorite woman in music! This March we continue celebrating Women’s History Month by honoring women in music. Whether it be sending shivers down our […]

9 Best Ways to Celebrate Women’s History Month Through Music

March is Women’s History Month and what better way to celebrate than to honor the female musicians and artists, from past to present, who have enriched our lives and inspired us. Here in Los Angeles, online and via alternative media, there are several opportunities to further explore and learn about how women, across generations, have […]