Remi Wolf teams-up with Dominic Fike for a deliriously catchy rework of “Photo ID”

Remi Wolf teams-up with Dominic Fike for a deliriously catchy rework of “Photo ID”
Photo by Daniel Prakopcyk

Teaming up with rising pop artist Dominic Fike on a reimagining of their song “Photo ID,” Remi Wolf has given a breath of new life to the fan favorite off their debut EP I’m Allergic to Dogs! Dazzlingly addictive pop hooks fill the song’s buoyant soundscape, with Wolf eliciting every drop of saturated bliss that can be wrung from it.

The new version of “Photo ID” is also accompanied by a video, which leans into Wolf and Fike’s playful pop sentimentality and also sees the latter tossing in his own verse in the middle of the song’s already electrifying medley. Fike is a blur of discarded rhymes delivered in his lightning quick style, appearing in the video to offer his lines as he receives a bit of acupuncture.


Carefree and ecstatic, this new version of “Photo ID” has transformed the song from a fan favorite into another verifiable hit. Matched beautifully with the films stark and stunning visuals, which sees the pair dancing in a variety of locations emptying out all the good vibes that the song so sincerely offers.

Watch Remi Wolf’s music video for their new rework of “Photo ID” below!

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