Ladyhawke teams-up with Broods on queer love anthem “Guilty Love”

Ladyhawke teams-up with Broods on queer love anthem "Guilty Love"

Ladyhawke has officially returned, marking the occasion with a dreamy collaboration with Broods on her newest single “Guilty Love.” The song, which is the first preview of her new album due out this year, is a soaring and rebelliously emphatic love anthem that is made only that much more riveting by the collision between Ladyhawke’s “Pip” Brown and Broods’ Georgia Nott. Directed by Lula Cucchiara the film that accompanies the single follows the story of two young girls who fall in love under the scrutiny of the Catholic school they attend. Soundtracked and propelled by the duo’s angsty, tooth-and-nail fight to overcome their shame, the rollicking punkishness and dreamy, synth-swirling melody of “Guilty Love” perfectly mirrors the film’s lush imagining of a queer coming of age story by Cucchiara.

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For both Pip and Georgia the connection came over an “in-studio heart to heart” they had over growing up Catholic and the shame they’d developed “around the idea of what a woman (or person) should be.”

“This song is about that but also about finding our own way back to a sense of spirituality through love,” Georgia continues. “The love that once caused so much guilt, ended up being the most healing and spiritual. END CONVERSION THERAPY EVERYWHERE!”

“Personally, growing up in the Catholic school system, as I reached my teens, I started to feel immense shame and denial about my sexuality. I suffered the constant fear of being judged and alienated by my friends and family” Pip explained. “These feelings took a long time to shake off and work through. ‘Guilty Love’ is a way to share our experiences, and hopefully help anyone going through the same thing to know they’re not alone.”

Watch the video for the single “Guilty Love” below!

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