Queer Singaporean Artist Paper Citizen Releases “Indigo September”

Queer Singaporean Artist Paper Citizen Releases “Indigo September”—Latest Single from Forthcoming Wandering Gohst EP, Out 4/23

Though we are several months away from autumn, the new single from Paper Citizen gets its namesake from a brooding fall evening. “Indigo September” is the latest release from the queer, LA-based Singaporean artist also known as Claire Gohst, pulled from her forthcoming 5-track EP, Wandering Gohst. A grunge vein runs through the whole record, reinforced at a key moment in the tracklist by moving melodies on “Indigo September.” Listen to the single below and expect the release of Wandering Gohst EP on April 23. 


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“Sunset and candy skies,” Gohst describes in the bridge of “Indigo September,” giving a concise explanation for its title. But what those lyrics don’t convey is the pain that can come with seasonal changes—that’s what the plucked guitar strings on the verses are for. A summer fling becomes as cold as winter on this ‘90s alternative rock homage; dream pop elements add a contemporary flair unique to Paper Citizen. 

Gohst proudly references her queerness in her music, though her identity was not well-received by her family in Singapore (where same-sex relationships between men are illegal). When she came out, she was kicked out of her home. She has come a long way since then, having moved to Boston before coming to Los Angeles in 2019. Over the years she has released two EPs, and now her forthcoming effort quite literally contains a piece of her. 

by: Zoë Elaine

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