Holy Wars stuns with powerful, punchy new release “TV Dinner”

Holy Wars stuns with powerful, punchy new release “TV Dinner”

Daring dark-pop band Holy Wars can be recognized for their penetrating sound that slaps listeners with a ferocious punch. Their new driving single “TV Dinner” cuts you at the core with its fuzzy, static soundscapes and bold, confident vocals, putting consumer society and misogyny on blast. Kicking the track off by fiercely singing, “don’t turn that dial, this episode is sponsored by your mother, while your daddy is watching naked girls, he’s eating TV dinners,” you know they came to play and won’t back down. “TV Dinner” is the ideal head banging track to get your blood pumping and heart racing. With every brash lyric and vehement vocal, it hits home the deep frustration felt. “TV Dinner” is the second track from Holy Wars upcoming debut LP tentatively titled ‘Eat It Up / Spit It Out’ due this summer. 

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Holy Wars consists of Kat Leon and Nicolas Perez. The innovative project concocts thrilling offerings that are truly intoxicating. The Los Angeles-based singer, Leon has dealt with immense tragedy in her life. She devastatingly lost both her parents in 2015, but has taken that unbelievable sorrow and channeled that into her masterful music. You can feel a strong intensity surging through every one of their songs and “TV Dinner” displays that same unique fiery quality.

Words: Chloe Robinson

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