Death Valley Girls Celebrate the “Little Things” in New Video

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Photo credit: David Fearn

In their new music video, Death Valley Girls encourage keeping your head in the clouds. This nation certainly knows dark times, yet the dawn approaches as we vaccinate our community and bolster herd immunity. “Little Things” appears on the LA band’s recent album Under the Spell of Joy, which is the very beacon of positivity that its title suggests. Look on the brighter side and watch the “Little Things” video below; also don’t miss the special limited edition Cause and Effect vinyl on the LP, available on Bandcamp

“My aim for this video was to reflect the unbridled hope and joy of “Little Things”. Bonnie and I discuss our dreams daily, so I wanted to create a cartoonish psychedelic dreamscape that invited everyone to dance, sing, and revel in the optimism of daydreaming! In order to keep the production of this video maximally Covid-safe, I used special effects to bring Death Valley Girls together digitally. I was inspired by Teletubbies, public access TV, and Tony Oursler.” – The Little Ghost/Kelsey Hart


“Live in your daydreams,” advises Death Valley Girls in their new music video. The song was written for a friend of the band who has faced chronic pain for years, according to a statement shared via press release. Singer/guitarist Bonnie Bloomgarden responds with sympathy on “Little Things,” strongly encouraging rest and escapism. Guitars dance along a children’s choir and offer a joyous melody between verses. When life provides no respite, turn to Death Valley Girls—their steady stream of rockin’ good vibes will get you through it. 

Words: Zoë Elaine

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