Glass Dove lures us in with soft single “Patterns of My Mind”

Glass Dove

Through calming soundscapes and warm, wistful vocals Glass Dove’s new single “Patterns of My Mind” featuring Liz Cooper & The Stampede x Desert Noises will gently rock you into captivation. With fuzzy, Americana melodies and light, textured arrangements, you cannot help but gently melt away. The melancholy track details missing someone so deeply and not receiving that in return. The offering is produced by Owen Biddle (The Roots, John Legend). “Patterns of My Mind” is off Glass Dove’s upcoming full-length album Half-Life Wilderness, which showcases his masterful innovation through stunningly serene tracks.


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Fusing a rich indie rock quality with light electro sounds, Glass Dove is known for his hypnotizing and haunting style. Many of his soaring anthems off the album explore the dysfunctional nature of relationships but also can be taken in the context of what we all were feeling last year. Half-life is the time taken to decompose in nuclear fallout and wilderness represents the middle of nowhere and the two things together instantly create the ideal imagery in your mind. The singer reveals, “That’s what happened in my life. It was like nuclear fallout. I torched the whole thing, looked around, had a brand new fresh start, and decided where to.”

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