Rachel Oto finds affirmation in her “Demons” on new single

Rachel Oto
Rachel Oto — Photo: Ojo de Loba

Rachel Oto has shared the second single off her upcoming EP in the form of “Demons,” a brooding new take that contrasts the vibrant west coast rock of her previous single “Angel.” Still echoing the angsty, punkish-pop tendencies that have allowed others to draw comparisons between Oto and Gwen Stefani, “Demons” still carries much of that rollicking in its melody. But Oto confronts some darker themes on the new single which itself hones in on tackling the darker sides of ones character and dealing with the aftermath of what she refers to as a “tooth and nail” fight. “Demons” is fueled by a blitz of energy that crescendos from its pounding percussiveness and Oto’s own brilliantly breathless energy into an anthem that is ultimately victorious in its struggle. The song thunders and broils alongside Oto’s smoky vocals, which change with the song as it goes from a pensive and melancholic introspection and fireballs into a powerful affirmation of ones self.

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There is a vengeful fury that explodes out “Demons” that blissfully admirable and should be immensely relatable to anyone who has been made to feel inadequate by the demonizing judgements of others. Between “Demons” and the previously released “Angel,” Oto’s upcoming EP looks to be one of the more exciting and dynamic new releases 2021 will have to offer.

“Hanging out with a bunch of Blues musicians definitely influenced the musical skeleton of “Demons” (much love to The Hopi Blues Band and the late, great Mojo Morganfield),” Oto. said of the inspiration of the song. “But from the moment it started to reveal itself to me, I knew it was a fight song. And what is more terrifying of a fight than the fights we have within ourselves?”

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Listen to Rachel Oto’s new single “Demons”

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