Little Simz
Photo by Nwaka Okparaeke

Little Simz has revealed the lead single “Introvert” from her upcoming album Sometimes I Might Be Introvert in the form of a sprawling and enthralling video directed by Salomon Ligthelm of PRETTYBIRD. An anthem, defiant rallying cry, and a raw evocation of what it means to be a black woman living in the cross-hairs of society, “Introvert” is a masterclass of gutting lyricisms that track in no uncertain terms the urgency of the modern experience of black women today. From the majestic orchestral themes that open the song, out of which grow Little Simz‘s call of dogged resistance via her biting bars, to the film’s grandiose dance routine that’s inter-spliced with stunning visuals and home-video footage; everything about “Introvert” feels like the herald of some grand seachange.

“Introvert” unfolds not just as Simz manifesto of her own identity but also as a teachable moment, a visceral essay of experience that reconciles all the multitudes within her by rejecting that which would label and entrap her. Instead, Simz opts for unity amongst black women that burns as essential to her own continued struggle — and the inherent victory within it. It’s hard not to be exceptionally excited for the rest of Simz’s album especially with the dynamism and thrilling methods with which the artist blends genres together into patchwork pieces that are inescapably honest and exhilaratingly potent.

Words: Steven Ward

Pre-order Little Simz‘s new album Sometimes I Might Be Introvert out September 3 via Age 101 here. Visit Little Simz on her website, Instagram, and Twitter to stay updated on new releases and announcements.

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