Little Simz
Little Simz at The Echo — Photo: John Furth

Unafraid to speak up and always with a strong sense of self, Little Simz’s music rises to be a beacon of hope for the masses of youth finding their voice, especially during these tumultuous times.

Little Simz shines not just as an artist, but as a young black woman determined to find her way regardless of what she faces. Whether it’s telling the world she is not afraid to contradict them or offend them, or musing over the things people in their mid-20s get up to, she remains true to herself and her art, raising up her community, culture and friends.

And, with a new EP that dropped last month about the experiences of self isolation, Little Simzs explores every avenue of her mind, confronting any doubts and acknowledging struggle as a part of life.

Opening up about how it feels to be alone and dealing with new experiences, ‘Drop 6’ hits close for everyone feeling the mental strain of social distancing and shelter at home measures. It also gives a little bit of perspective, noting that even though Covid-19 is a new problem, society as we’ve known it hasn’t been too great either.

“Minimize bullshit, get down to business. Crabs in a barrel like everybody’s in this. Times we livin’ in don’t seem real, but it was never a fairytale to begin with.”

From her debut release, to the six song EP she dropped last month, Little Simz embodies the spirit of the voices that came before her. Decade after decade, despite oppression, threat of violence and hatred, black women in music have stood their ground and carved a space for themselves, not only defying society with acts of protest and tenacity, but with expressions of joy and love for their life, especially in the wake of those who would wish to take it from them.

“This’ll be what they was waiting on from me. This’ll be the realest story that I’ve ever told. This’ll be the brightest light that you’ve ever seen. This’ll be the finest joint that I’ve ever rolled. This’ll be my best song, you can see my scars … I got one life and I might just live it.”

Little Simz new EP is now streaming. For more on this UK based artist, visit her website and make sure to follow her on Instagram.

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Words: Patricia Sanchez

Art by emaluje_art