Alternative indie project Low Hum shares his effervescent single and bold new video “All I Know”. The thrilling tune seizes you with its driving bass and warm, passionate vocals that melt through your ear waves. The track is a narration of steering your way through love’s tricky waters. Collin Desha, the brainchild behind Low Hum reveals, “It explores unconditional love and how sometimes the things you love can be the most difficult landscape to navigate.” Taylor Brown and Brad Scott directed the luminous visuals. With vibrant, electronically lit faces piercing through the darkness, the gritty, high-tech video will have viewers hooked.  

“All I know” is the latest single off the forthcoming sophomore album Nonfiction. The release features more of the psychedelic Lo-Fi meets Hi-fi futurism the artist is known for. Hawaiian-born and Los Angeles-based, Low Hum’s music displays a serene oceanic quality and captivating static sound. Packing a powerful punch, every song bounces with an intense beat, getting your heart pumping. Desha uses music as a creative outlet to escape from reality. The hope is that his fans can also find a sense of community within the freeing tracks.

Words: Chloe Robinson

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