Ai Bendr’s new single and music video “Coffee” are the perfect pick me up

ai bender

Ai Bendr drops her bubbly new single “Coffee” along with accompanying video. Just like a caffeine jolt this tune boosts you up with vibrant, shimmering beats and impressive soulful vocals. Love is a strong kick. Much like drinking coffee, it releases a vigorous, addictive high. Ai Bendr beautifully conveys that spirit in her infectious new release. Energetically singing, “Never met somebody who won’t wanna make you coffee…I just need you on me,” the fluttering track provides sunny, spirited vibes. The visuals evoke that same upbeat, colorful quality. With glowing pink and red tones and cheerful dancing, you cannot help but smile watching this feel-good video. The release was shot around Los Angeles and choreographed by Matty Peacock.


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The 18-year-old talent is known for her dynamic vocal skill and undeniable magnetism. Chioma Ai Bendors Ilozor never new how far she would go in the music scene. Now that she has blossomed into a fierce talent as Ai Bendr, she is taking the industry by storm. The Michigan native’s dream of pursuing music wasn’t always supported by her immigrant parents. It wasn’t until she was in her teens at a Massachusetts boarding school, that her craft truly shined. The songstress wears her heart on her sleeve with every offering, allowing listeners to dive into her personal mind. “Coffee” possesses that same rich intimacy. The singer reveals, “A lot of the lyrics in the songs are inspired by my desire to make this music thing happen.”

Words: Chloe Robinson

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