Gavin Turek shares this summer’s funky new anthem “Slide” (feat. bLAck pARty)

Gavin Turek shares this summer's funky new anthem "Slide" (feat. bLAck pARty)

Gavin Turek has been slowly undergoing a metamorphosis in her music in recent years, floating between disco, electronica, and soul-pop. Her first release of 2021 comes as a herald of her new sonic interests, arriving in the form of the slick and groovy “Slide” (feat. bLAck pARty). Playing into a bit of the R&B glam that Turek so effortlessly embodies, echoing the likes of Grace Jones and Tina Turner, the new single is as much a lush ode to 70s-funk and soul as it is an instant modern classic. If there was ever to be an anthem to be played as a means of moving beyond the last year, it’s “Slide.” Bubbling underneath its kinetic percussion raps and swirling mixture of wailing horns is this effervescent energy to just slide, to slip smoothly into the next thing, to keep on keeping on, and to persevere. Turek and bLAck pARty give the track its extra silky-smoothness via their velvet croons, a veritable match made in soul heaven that gives “Slide” its reinvigorating brilliance.


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“Slide” is out now via Turek’s own label Madame Gold Records. Turek has plans to follow the single with a new “sonic era” for her music as well as a new musical project that she has in the works. In the meantime though, you can brush up on her spectacular collection of singles and EPs, as well as her 2015 collaboration with Tokimonsta on their You’re Invited EP.

“As an artist it’s too easy to get discouraged by rejection in this process. Time continues to escape regardless, and you must choose to slide into the next step,” Turek said of the song. “You must decide to keep going whether or not you get the validation you seek.”

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Listen to Gavin Turek’s new single “SLIDE” below

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