TeaMarrr Breaks Down the Nitty Gritty of Intimate Love Language In Her Sexually Empowering Single “Specific”

TeaMarrr Breaks Down the Nitty Gritty of Intimate Love Language In Her Sexually Empowering Single “Specific”

Speaking her mind in the most carnal way, TeaMarrr tantalizes listeners with her newest single ”Specific,” taking the subject of sex and breaking down any sort of taboo or moral imperative that detract from this deeply personal and satisfying, human experience.

“Specific” is filled with pure attitude and an unashamed sexual appetite thanks to the confidence and flirtatiousness of TeaMarrr’s smooth vocal delivery and candid word choice. Kinky, yet somehow still coy, the song sounds perfectly indulgent with a hypnotic electro inspired beat and steady mid-tempo groove that doesn’t mind to take its time.


The explicit but womanly single breaks down the love language TeaMarrr is desperate for, and she’s not afraid to make her desires known, calling on her parter to uphold the utmost honesty and hunger for her anatomy and asking him to be as specific as possible when it comes to how he will please her.

With the help of rapper Duckwrth, TeaMarrr calls on her counterpart to faithfully carry out her wishes as well as to state his own erotic intentions. In between, she spills the sensual secrets of her soul, playfully delivering lines that would make a pious person blush. As for the rest of us, she entices prurient curiosity both in an intellectual and primal way with her devil-may-care sexuality akin to the classic Lil’ Kim’s “How Many Licks?(Feat Sisqo)” — albeit a little less raw.

The accompanying music video is a stroke of cinematic and lighting genius. Bathed in a polished red light sometimes turned blue, TeaMarrr and Duckwrth flirt in a direct and unabashed manner as the camera captures their movements from the shoulders up — one can assume both are naked. The two trade off verses as song lyrics appear in punchy comic book style bubble lettering that adds to the overall casual eroticism of the song. As the duo’s bodies pop against a darker, cooler background, their images become distorted at times with multi-colored shadows against a white backdrop. The use of provocative and artistic imagery takes the song to a whole new level, adding another layer of bodily prowess.

“Specific” struts with a streak of sexual empowerment and creates a seductive mystique, denoting a deeply satisfying mesh of sensual overtones, feminist undertones and a whole lot of free exploration.

Words: Patti Sanchez

Last year, TeaMarrr found praise for her EP release ‘Before I Spill Myself,’ two singles of which were featured on the HBO show Insecure. “Specific” is the debut single for her forthcoming project with more details to follow. For more on her music, make sure to visit her webs @ImalilTcupite or follow her on social media.

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