TeaMarrr digs her teeth into the mess of relationships in an outpouring of wit and honesty on new EP


At the heart of TeaMarrr’s music, there’s a deep desire and urgency for healing that flows from her blending of pop, hip-hop, and R&B. For TeaMarrr, there’s an imperative for people to “heal themselves with [her] sound,” with hopes that listeners walking away thinking: “TeaMarrr is my new pharmacist.” That altruism takes shape and is given power in her songs, and especially her new EP Before I Spill Myself, in the form of her ability to weave in and out of typical genre barriers–not just in melody and cadence, but in pure aesthetic and production as well.

Approaching each song as a naked confessional on love and relationships, TeaMarrr offers one of the messiest, and therefore honest, portrayals of exactly what happens when two people collide and fall in love. “Done” touches on TeaMarrr’s therapeutic style with a dreamy outro that features the singer offering sage-like advice on self-love, blanketed as it is by a velvety piano medley–which just moments before was the glowing backbone of TeaMarrr’s fierce vocal clawings as the relationship makes its meteoric end. But at its center sits TeaMarrr, documenting the short-comings of love interests and her own growth, always one-foot in the relish of past thrills and the other extending itself towards whatever lesson she can draw from the memory.

And the album’s outro “I’m That,” which features rapper Rhapsody, cements all the relationship-role-flipping and love-grit that TeaMarrr spouts:

“I lick my lips like LL Cool J / I play the game but it ain’t not 2K / Take a sip like, ‘Oh oh bay-bay’ / I’m smooth like rosé and I / Shoot it like Carmelo and I got that whine, Merlot / Red bellow, your booty sweet, come cuddle / My net worth Billy — Gates!”

On “Chasing Amy,” TeaMarrr emerges at the start of her tale as the pursued–and she sits high above him, unbothered by his advances–and oh, so curious about his intentions. She berates him of his resolve in desiring her, ending harmoniously on a tender moment of vulnerability that reveals her own longing. And from there the album unrolls itself on TeaMarrr’s stories about the machinations of love; like in the unapologetic sensuality and honesty that bleeds from “Whorey Heart,” laid over a thick canopy of drum-machine beats.

The entirety of Before I Spill Myself echoes the beginnings of an artist unbound by any form of censure upon her identity, it’s one that seeks to direct, heal, and teach a healthier way to live one’s life–offered so crucially as it is by Black voices.

“My catalog will heal whatever mood you’re in; if you’re in a lovey-dovey vibe put on ‘Kinda Love.’ If you’re angry at your ex and don’t understand why he couldn’t have done the one thing you asked him to, I definitely have a song for that too,” TeaMarrr said of the EP. “Think of me as the sonic doctor prescribing music as medicine to help you heal.”

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Stream TeaMarrr’s new album ‘Before I Spill Myself’

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