Annika Rose reveals her hypocritical tendencies in new single

Annika Rose

We all have that single friend that loves to give relationship advice or someone who offers motherly guidance, but doesn’t take care of themselves. Annika Rose’s new single “Hypocrite” is all about providing great advice to others, but not always following your own wise words. The intoxicating tune plays over and over in your head with its catchy chorus and infectious beats. Her smooth, charismatic vocals suck listeners in. The singer admits, “I think it’s funny I’ve got answers to all their questions, but turn around and never listen to my advice.” 


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When Rose leaked the offering on TikTok, the tune exploded with half a million views and fans begging for its release. It resonates with so many of us, as we can all relate to being the therapist friend or knowing someone like that. “Hypocrite” is the 2nd single from the artist this year. Going song by song, soon she will release a highly anticipated EP.

The 19-year-old talent is known for her assertive tracks that are strong yet also bubbly. She refers to her work as “journal entries put to melody” and her lyrics are so candid and vulnerable. Rose diligently spent much of her adolescence making music. From that persistence, she uncovered her most genuine voice, and that authenticity rings true in this latest piece.   

Words: Chloe Robinson

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