Starcrawler share raucous new single “Goodtime Girl”


Los Angeles rockers Starcrawler have shared “Goodtime Girl” a raucous new single that is as much an addicting rollicker as it is a powerful affirmation of female strength. The new track was released as part of the DC Comics “Dark Nights: Death Metal” soundtrack via Loma Vista records and will appear alongside artists like Manchester Orchestra, Rise Against, Mastodon, and more. From the moment the track opens with its whining guitars and thunderous percussion “Goodtime Girl” more than fits the bill with its blistering soundscapes.


Fronted by Arrow de Wilde whose grating cries and howls give the song’s wild-eyed energy a run for its money, the new track is a first look at what the future holds for Starcrawler — and it’s clear the enigmatic four-piece isn’t shying away from their niché as a new generation’s rock-n-roll favorites any time soon. But the single also signals Wilde and company’s solidarity with girls everywhere, with the single serving as an anthem and rallying cry.

“When people listen to Goodtime Girl, I want them to feel powerful. I want a girl who might normally feel like she’s awkward or insecure to put her headphones on and feel like she can accomplish anything,” Wilde said of the song. “Like she’s the hottest and the baddest bitch in the world, because she is. Goodtime girl is about realizing your power and taking complete control of that. I wish I had a song like this when I was in middle or high school, if I did I may have been a lot more confident with myself at the time.”

Visit Starcrawler’s website, Twitter, and Instagram to stay updated on new releases and tour announcements. The band will be touring with Red Fang this Fall!

Listen to Starcrawler’s new song “Goodtime Girl” below!

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