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Starcrawler pool together all the best of metal and rock-nostalgia on kerosene-soaked new album Devour Me

Leaning into their audaciously feral tendencies on their new record Devour Me, Los Angeles rock-outfit Starcrawler continues to crystallize that rabid spirit made so critical to their live shows by bringing into the studio with them. With an already notorious reputation for dishing out concerts that are as much a harrowing spectacle as they are […]

Starcrawler Warm Up For Beach Goth 2018 at The Growlers Pop-Up Event

If you had any reservations about attending Beach Goth 2018, the pop up events will sway you into buying tickets. In anticipation of the festival on August 5th, The Growlers have opened a pop-up shop at a warehouse in Chinatown and are throwing some insane parties. This past Saturday, Starcrawler headlined a raucous night filled […]

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Queens of the Stone Age at Cal Jam -- Photo: ZB Images
Cal Jam ’17 becomes rock-‘n’-roll’s honorary capital for one day

Cal Jam ’17, the lovingly curated festival put on by Foo Fighters, made its debut in San Bernadino, CA this past weekend as it unleashed its wildly anticipated lineup of some of rock’s biggest ambassadors. It was a night of giants, with Dave Grohl and company closing out the night with the likes of Queens […]

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Blondfire photo
Win Tickets to Blondfire at Play Like a Girl Showcase at The Echo

Play Like A Girl is a women powered collective that is dedicated to creating safe, creative spaces for women to express themselves and they’ll be presenting a once-a-month musical showcase that features some very rad up-and-coming artists. Indie dance-pop outfit Blondfire, fronted by the charismatic Erica Driscoll, will be headlining this month’s showcase at The Echo on […]