Stains of a Sunflower release moody 90s style tune “Life Inside a Dream”

Stains of a Sunflower

Ever have those dreams that feel so vivid you almost question if they are real? Many times we have had that strange experience, but the opposite can be said as well. Things in reality can feel so surreal that we start to ponder its truth. Stains of a Sunflower’s “Life Inside a Dream” expresses that out-of-body occurrence. Through fuzzy 90s-eque arrangements and chilled-out vocals, listeners are captivated by this laid-back, melancholy offering. Alex Michael Jones, Guitarist and Co-Writer of “Life Inside a Dream” reveals, “David Lynch was a big influence on the genesis of the song. His movies have an incredible dream-like atmosphere and they’re constantly making you question what is and isn’t real. That was interesting to us, so we explored the -eeling of questioning reality even when you know you’re not dreaming.”


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“Ever since last March when everything got crazy and shut down, we understood that playing live as we were used up to that point, was not going to be so prominent at least for a while… So, we changed our approach and put a lot of focus into writing. Different pairings of members each week would write a song, which led to a bunch of new and very diverse material. So, Alex came to one of our writing sessions with this well amazing Lynch-inspired concept of the blur between reality and dreams and we just ran with it”
~ Shade Tramp, Drummer and Co-Writer

The LA-based trio led by Natalie Renée, is known for their misty rock sound oozing with nostalgia. During the lockdown, they had written a ton of new material and this wistful gem came out of that flood of inspiration. When Jones attended a writing session the profound concept came to life. The wistful track will leave you asking, what is real?

Words: Chloe Robinson

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