Hot Artist Alert: jermtown shares introspective new Room Talk EP

jermtown shares introspective new Room Talk EP
Photo by Devin Arnold

Los Angeles-based by way of Ferndale, Michigan — rapper jermtown has returned with another stellar EP this time in the form of the deeply introspective Room Talk. The five-song EP takes listeners into the depths of Jeremy Turner‘s world — one that’s soundtracked by his bouncily off-kilter beats and his cheery, ambling flow. But the focus of Room Talk, which unfolds like a bedroom-recorded freestyle that sees jermtown reach all the way back into his childhood on a journey of introspection, is sometimes far more melancholic than the tracks let on.


“Try and be a better man and trying not to be my dad,” he raps on opener “Lemon Grove Ave,” a few bars later he’s opening up about the distance he felt from his mom as the third child. “Daffodil” throws it back to jermtown’s childhood (“It’s always sunny in Ferndale, I grew up on Nickelodeon late nights”) moving through his high-school years and his beginnings as a rapper, along with his move to L.A. and a burning desire to make positive life-changes. “Just a lot of living with my thoughts,” he laments about his high-school years, a time he describes as living as a stranger in his own house.

That kind of isolation and loneliness is something a lot of people can resonate with right now, especially with the number of people finding themselves so unexpectedly and abruptly back in their childhood homes. “Thinking of my childhood memories and how I’ve grown,” he riffs on the piano twinkling ballad and meandering “Just A lot On My Mind.”

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Listen to jermtown’s new EP Room Talk below!