Benjamin Carter releases vulnerable new single “Time Again” — LA date at Resident

Benjamin Carter Releases New Single “Time Again”

After releasing just two singles in 2020, Los Angeles artist Benjamin Carter let the first half of 2021 simmer before releasing his first single of the year, “Time Again.” In his new song, Carter establishes a sense of vulnerability and truth as he tries to find himself through his pursuit of music. Also the first single since the birth of his daughter, Carter pours his heart into his new release with the newfound wisdom of fatherhood.

With a simple backbeat and retro vibe, the song carries itself on a smooth melody reminiscent of solid late 90s/early 2000s hip hop and R&B. Carter lays down lyrics that denote a man trying to find his footing in the world as he struggles to stay true to himself regardless of what people think of him and his lifestyle — getting married and starting a family in his 20s.

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Worried that others might feel like he’s lost his ability to pursue his creative dreams, Carter reminds himself that he’s always persevered in the past, and this time he has the strength of a family and the life he helped create. Carter is also honest with himself that other people might think he’s crazy or dumb to pursue his dreams, especially after becoming a father. Through it all, Carter reminds himself that he feels more like himself than he’s ever been and let’s that positive energy flow through him.

In the music video for “Time Again,” Carter intros the song with a monologue about someone telling him he’s dumb for pursuing his dreams even if he doesn’t get paid for it. Noting that that attitude is adjacent to what inspired some of the lyrics in “Time Again,” he continues to create and express himself. Walking and driving around Los Angeles, Carter lets loose and captures a freedom in his self expression even against the backdrop of doubt, whether it be internal or external. He ends his video with a joyous dance as he holds his baby girl, both clad in purple.

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Carter is set to perform later this month at the Resident in L.A.’s downtow arts district. Carter along with Sara Diamond, justrob., Slake Dransky, and Austin P. McKenzie will be featured on July 22 as a part of Breaking Sound LA, a series that showcases hot and emerging artists around the city.

Words: Patti Sanchez

For more information, make sure to check out Carter’s website or to follow him on Instagram.

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