Naughty Beach Vibes Are All Over “Eternity” By Adeline Featuring Joshua J

Naughty Beach Vibes Are All Over “Eternity” By Adeline Featuring Joshua J
Photo by Sheena Sood

If you thought Adeline’s 2020 was huge, well, have you checked in with her at all this year? Grimy Goods has covered her recent singles, which have all painted the French-Caribbean singer/bassist/producer in the most brilliant light. Her new track is worthy of a beach excursion that never ends; one could argue the music video portrays just that. Watch the video for “Eternity” featuring Joshua J below, co-directed by Sheena Sood and Adeline herself.

In theory, a truly funky groove could overshadow a vocalist; not for Adeline, though. “Eternity” has nothing if not a nasty bassline, yet, in the second verse it becomes clear that Adeline has been holding her voice back. “I never thought I’d be the type,” she belts before continuing the line with a sexy pout, “to let you pull me in, but here we go again.” As she repeats the song’s namesake syllables in the chorus, the word morphs until it loses meaning and then gains another, potentially “naughty” one. There is no limit to her oral manipulation. 

Dia De Los Deftones

If I could float on the ocean forever with anyone, Joshua J makes a great case for himself; his flow is smooth enough but he still hops an octave as if playing a separate character interjecting himself. Where Joshua J is direct, Adeline sings about a slow-burning love that sparked when she wasn’t paying attention. The whole story is colored by her own disbelief at the depth she finds herself after falling in love, specifically with pinks and yellows and oranges.

by: Zoë Elaine

Adeline has shows planned in the northeast in the fall and will reveal more dates soon. For tour news and everything else, follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

“Eternity” cover art; cover design by Samuel DeFrank

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