Get lost in Adeline’s smoothly soulful “9”

adeline new song "9"
Cover design by Samuel DeFrank

French-Caribbean singer, bassist and producer Adeline just released her lush new single “9″ and it’s the ultimate easy listening offering. Serenading us with warm, silky vocals hovering atop classic instrumentation, this soulful release is a true treasure. The track examines the lasting affects of trauma and how that spills over to intimacy. Adeline reveals, “Too often, we live in past traumas and future fears instead of being in the present. The level of trauma and pain we experience on a daily basis affects us in so many ways that we don’t even fully realize it sometimes. So a person can be in love but just too wounded to open up. And when two people who are both experiencing pain and trauma meet, it can be hard to dive in.” The accompanying visuals are as relaxing as the song itself. From laying on a colorful hammock to scenic city views and delicately dancing by a building, there is a calming energy throughout. 


Originally the frontwoman for the nu-disco group Escort, Adeline is known for her cozy tunes such as a duet with Kamauu called “Mango.” The talent has shared the stage with prominent greats like Anderson .Paak and Big Freedia. Exploring topics of love and heartache through her soft, passionate pieces, listeners can sense Adeline’s raw emotion. That gentle poignancy comes across so seamlessly in this new single.  

Words: Chloe Robinson

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