Elohim and Big Freedia “Strut” their stuff on bass-thumping new single / video

Elohim and Big Freedia "Strut" their stuff on bass-thumping new single
Photo by Chris Berntsen

Elohim has teamed up with Big Freedia on their latest single “Strut,” a hypnotic bass-thumping anthem for self-empowerment. The core sentiment of “Strut” is to treat every piece of ground your on as your runway: sidewalk? 7/11? Elohim and Big Freedia’s answer is the same, delivered with strobe-like intensity and a dizzying ecstasy: strut. The collaboration itself is a veritable match made in heaven, with Elohim’s enveloping electronica finding a spectacular climax in Big Freedia’s explosive bars. To quote the Queen of New Orleans Bounce herself on the track: she ate that. The video for the single, directed by Chase O’Black, doesn’t disappoint either offering stunning visuals of both Elohim and Big Freedia strutting their stuff against a backdrop of projections and lasers. For Big Freedia the song was about “owning” your attitude and no one owns it like Elohim and Big Freedia on this new single — a ridiculously danceable track that also serves as an important reminder to stop holding yourself back.


“Strut is a daily reminder to all of us, myself included, that the power we hold within ourselves is infinite.  It’s a story of self-discovery and I feel proud, excited and empowered to share a record like this. I want to inspire others to own who they are, celebrate their uniqueness, and shine their wonderful light to the world! Working with Big Freedia on Strut makes the song even more meaningful. Her music and story have inspired and continues to inspire humans all over the world. I am moved by anyone who is true to who they are. I wish that for everyone and I hope Strut will encourage self-love and self-confidence with every listen.”

Elohim will also be releasing a 4-part music series titled “Journey to the Center of Myself,” a special collection of work that will be revealed as four different EPs throughout the year. Visit Elohim’s website and Instagram to stay updated on new releases and announcements. Follow along with Big Freedia on her website and Instagram.

Watch the video for the new single by Elohim and Big Freedia “Strut” below!

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