Steady Holiday shares a raucous new version of "Love Me When I Go To Sleep" with "Love Me 2"

Steady Holiday has shared a reworked version of one of her songs off her “Love Me When I Go To Sleep” with the new single “Love Me 2,” an upbeat and rollicking take on the previously pensive album ender. Trading in the song’s previously heart-wrenching ballad for hammered percussion lines and tumbling piano keys, “Love Me 2” pulsates on its chaotic melody playing on all the anxieties Dre Babinksi so beautifully but woefully effuses.

The rework is also accompanied by a music video directed by the spirit of Andrew WK (please note: not actually directed by the human that is Andrew WK) and sees a wild Babinski pounding away on a drum kit in a dimly lit garage to the song’s raucous energies. Although now a heavy metal rocker “Love Me 2” doesn’t lose any of its affecting lyricisim in the translation and Steady Holiday’s eviscerating abilitiy to cut right to the heart is only made that much more potent by the song’s newfound rambunctiousness.

“The original song is about love and mortality, and how they inevitably intersect,” Babinski said of the changes to the song. “As much as I love the song, I’m not always interested in going to that place, especially during live performances.”

Steady Holiday will be playing the Ford in Los Angeles on August 6 opening up for Syrian American singer-songwriter and film composer Bedouin. Visit Steady Holiday’s website, Twitter, and Instagram to stay updated on new releases and tour announcements.

Watch the video for Steady Holiday’s new single “Love Me 2” below!