Ambar Lucid Releases Captivating Music Video for Her Single “Un Animal (Divina Existencia)”

Ambar Lucid Releases Captivating Music Video for Her Single "Un Animal (Divina Existencia)"
Credit: Litsa Sursock

An amalgam of all things mystical and with her feet firmly planted on fertile ground, Mexican-Dominican soul artist Ambar Lucid completes the picture for her previously released single, “Un Animal (Divina Existencia)” with a visually captivating and intoxicating music video that features Lucid and a cast of ethereal dancers.

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With outfits drapery of deep reds and pure whites, varying textures and moods, flowing dance moves and a lush, green background, Lucid’s new video is like the inverse of Guillermo Del Toro’s Pan’s Labrynth ; imagery that was dark and fantasmic is now blasted with light and moved by a soft whisper of the occult.

Blending together astrology, tarot and Hispanic symbolism, Lucid creates a soft, imaginative escape where she breaks free of social norms and steps into a world much bigger than herself, dancing and moving with the grace of a person transcendent of the material world and completely at peace to be reduced back to a small fraction of nature, knowing she helps complete a bigger picture.

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The new music video comes after Lucid’s recently debuted EP, Get Lost In The Music. The five-track EP sees musical genres collide as Lucid tracks through her psyche to spill the inner secrets of her fantasies and thoughts — all intertwined to reveal an unwavering self assurance and curiosity for life. Singing in Spanish and English, boundaries are non-existent in Get Lost In The Music whether it be sound, lyrics or language.

From her slot in YouTube Music’s Foundry Class of 2021, a collection featuring 27 global indie artists, the use of two of her singles in Netflix’s Elite and a sold out upcoming show at West Hollywood’s Troubadour, Lucid’s reach as a young, indie artist is growing ever more prevalent as she cultivates a unique sound and backdrop for her creative soul.

Words: Patti Sanchez

For more info on Ambar Lucid and her music, make sure to check out her website or follow her on Instagram and Twitter.