Ambar Lucid unveils her riveting retro single and accompanying visuals

Ambar Lucid — photo by Keith Bennett

Indie Latinx talent Ambar Lucid drops her 60-esque single “Get Lost In The Music.” Her retro vibrancy seeped in psychedelic sounds transports listeners straight back to bands like The Zombies and The Rolling Stones a la “Paint It Black.” Through this trippy tune we take a deep dive into her imaginative mind. The infectious arrangements and mesmerizing vocals will have you craving more. Beginning with the enigmatic lines, “I got a visit from the mushroom guy/ he said it’s time to say goodbye to your ego,” it sets the tone for the mystical offering.  The video portrays that same vintage, mind-altering flair with a diner setting and swirling effects. She also incorporates her Latin heritage, displaying a woman in a Día de Muertos painted mask. The song is all about letting go of negativity and just getting swept up in music. The carefree visuals really do that message justice.

The bold Dominican / Mexican artist is doing things on her terms, concocting a style that truly sets her apart. Alternating between Spanish and English, each release feels so intimate and personal. Inspired by shining pop greats like Lady Gaga and Selena Gomez, from a young age she knew music was her destiny. Now at the forefront of a new indie wave, Ambar Lucid has come into her own. Her fierce confidence and glowing musical quality are a pure listening pleasure. With “Get Lost In The Music” it is easy to get sucked into her vivid fantasy.

Words: Chloe Robinson

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