Ryan LeVine makes his solo debut with heartwrenching new single "Signs"
Photo by Harvey Hale

With the upcoming release of his Good Things To Remember EP this fall, Ryan LeVine will have made his first entry into his debut as a solo artist. It was only in 2018 — three long years ago — that LeVine’s band of six years, Wildling, ended along with his relationship with someone he considered “the one.” In the aftermath of all that loss, LeVine found himself adrift and fearful of embarking on a solo journey when he’d been playing in bands and writing songs since he’d been 12 years old.


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Good Things To Remember hones in on that self-doubt with lead single “Signs.” Written at the end just as LeVine was wrapping up the EP, the bemoaning and wistfully angst “Signs” weaves in and out of the singer/songwriter’s solitary questions over the upending of his entire world. Out of the song’s slowly trodding strums and drums emerges a crescendo of blisteringly woeful riffs that reaches the height of LeVine’s lucidly broken heart.

“It speaks to feelings of self-doubt, lack of faith and apathy,” he says. “I’m vulnerable here, even wounded, and unsure of how to move forward. I like how the song doesn’t exactly resolve or answer any of its questions. There’s an awareness of the state I’m in and a desire to move through it, but no real answers yet. Ultimately, I’m okay to sit with that uncertainty.”

Ryan LeVine’s Good Things To Remember EP is out October 22. Visit his Twitter and Instagram to stay updated on new releases and tour announcements.

Listen to Ryan LeVine’s new single “Signs” below!