Punk Rocker Suzi Moon Drops New Video for Her Single “Nuthin to Me”

After dropping a solo EP earlier this year and two music videos for songs off the release, vicious punk rocker Suzi Moon comes back with a black and white music video for her single “Nuthin to Me.” The last song on her Call the Shots EP, “Nuthin to Me” is a heavy, crunchy power anthem for getting rid of romantic baggage and calling it like it is regardless of how raw or intense that may be.

”Nuthin’ To Me is a classic “fuck you” song about running into an ex-lover and realizing that they no longer hold a place in your heart. In fact, you can’t remember why you fell in love with them in the first place,” notes Moon. “It is one of those tunes that wrote itself in 10 minutes, the words and melody came pouring out of me. The chorus was so direct and straight to the point that I felt like there was no reason to add extra lyrics. I said what I needed to say. Art is just one way to work through painful feelings and step into the light on the other side of a breakup. Repeating the hook over and over again continues to be a cathartic and empowering mantra.”

The new music video features Suzi Moon and her band rocking out in a room just big enough to fit them and their equipment as they blast through a performance of the song. Scenes and snippets from B horror movies as well as retro Burlesque performances are spliced in between the performance, all captured in a punchy, heavy contrast of black and white.

”Visually, I knew I wanted a black and white video to reflect the mood of the song,” Moon says. “I love sifting through old B horror movies and weird burlesque videos from the 60s to find clips that reflect the lyrics. I definitely see a story in there, others may see something completely different. It’s up for interpretation! I shot and edited this video myself, and I hope that viewers enjoy the weird, wild ride.”

After several musical ventures with other musicians, including a stint with her sister’s band, CIVET — Suzi Moon has remained determined to stay in the punk scene and using her art to express truth and authenticity in bold, new ways.

Words: Patti Sanchez

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