The Steoples Create a Cascading Sound of Intrinsic Consciousness Through Their New Album ‘Wide Through The Eyes Of No One’

The Steoples Create a Cascading Sound of Intrinsic Consciousness Through Their New Album ‘Wide Through The Eyes Of No One’
artwork by Cinque Mubarak

While many musicians find their footing on the grounds of their identity or by delving deeper into who they are and where they come from, The Steoples blend the pastel colors of their personal backgrounds with universal experiences and philosophy to grow a multi-faceted perspective rich with deeply rooted colors. In their newest release, Wide Through The Eyes Of No One (via Stones Throw Records), the duo explores a more fundamental human self, one that pre-conceives modern notions of identity.


“The album’s title points to presence in the unconditioned mind,” says bandmate Yeofi. “It’s those fleeting moments of transcendence that we’ve all experienced but they rarely register. This raw view gives a brief window into the true nature of oneself, pre-identity unconditioned.”

Implemented through ethereal, wide open and eclectic sounds, The Steoples pair Latin rhythms, electronic sounds and different veins of soul music with lyrics that pour out like a beautiful waterfall of pure and honest consciousness; the reverberations of their confessional lyrics froth over to spark more thoughtfully engaging conversation about abstract, intrinsic concepts.

Identifying the good impulses of our existence while denoting newfound behaviors that block us from our inherent nature, Wide Through The Eyes Of No One captivates the existential thinker and leads them back to the free flowing currents of philosophy and curiosity — a space where the mind can expand and grow.

Starting off wispy and upbeat, the album opens on a recognition of the wonders of being alive; opening songs “Everybody’s Song” and “The Good News” cultivate a shared appreciation for the human potential to create and enjoy happiness, love and unity.

Then, with a subtle shift, the album takes on a more nuanced demeanor, addressing the struggle and strife that go along with living. Singles such as “Lonely Behavior” culminate on the angst and sadness created by closed off thinking or behavior we sometimes don’t even realize is there or how insidious it can be to our wellbeing as individuals and as people.


Whether highlighting the highs or the lows, Wide Through The Eyes Of No One leads toward the essence of life, the fragility captured in meeting and accepting your inner self to then share the collective wealth of our world.

After 15 years of friendship and collaborating with other artists, The Steoples founders Yeofi and GB have grown even more through the recording process of this album and add in more live elements from L.A. based musicians including Nailah Hunter on the harp and Miguel Atwood Ferguson on strings. While expanding their music sonically, the roots of their creation still lie in a commitment to friendship and exploring themes through the lens of philosophy.

Words: Patti Sanchez

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