Soulection are coming to Grand Performances on Aug. 21! For a decade now, independent music collective Soulection, with its mix of DJs, music and global community of fans — Soulection has brought together open minded individuals under a roof of genre mixing, thought inducing initiatives anchored by an innovative music radio show.

From spinning mixes and getting together like-minded DJs with their online radio broadcast (available on Apple Music & SoundCloud) to running an independent record label and now boasting a small clothing line — this niche collective has established itself as a beacon for good music and good vibes all without commercial influence. Promoting interesting new music, keeping a firm pulse on what came before them and with an eagerness to share the sounds they love — Soulection has built a strong following and fosters deep engagement with music fans from around the world.

Through the years, Soulection has worked with DJs from multiple countries to produce a mix of sound influenced by the past and preset to create “the sound of tomorrow.” Regardless of what’s spinning, Dropping the needle on fresh perspectives with soulful sounds and positive messaging, Soulection has grown organically through its ethos of staying grounded in the roots of good music and sharing it with others.

Founded by Joe Kay and Andre Power, Soulection has grown since its first rogue broadcasts. Over the years, the group has not only engaged online with followers, but has put together various live events to spotlight artists and DJs, bringing their curated taste of music to fans.

Soulection at Grand Performances

Soulection has several live shows slated for this summer and fall including a free event on Aug. 21 from 2-9 p.m at Grand Performances at California Plaza in downtown L.A. Soulection will showcase a plethora of live DJs, artists and special guests during the Saturday event.The performance is described as being suitable for all ages and requires just an RSVP for free entry.

For more on Soulection, make sure to visit their website and follow them on Instagram and Twitter. Follow Grand Performances on Instagram and Twitter for all the best free summer concerts in Los Angeles.

Words: Patti Sanchez

Photos: Dilla Fest at Grand Performances lights up California Plaza in DTLA with Talib Kweli, Daru Jones, DJ Rhettmatic, lla J, Frank and Dank