Marlana reaches for ever-elusive "Dreams" on new single
Photo by Eduardo Fierro

Marlana has shared a new single with the release of the spacey “Dreams,” a lush slow-burner that is as haunting as it is sublime. The new single marks the continuation of Marlana’s solo career after fronting indie-folk band Milo Greene for a decade, heralded as it was by her debut At Least I Tried and a string of singles released this year with “Basic Love” and “The Winner.” On “Dreams” Marlana, amidst the glow of xylophone calls and scattered percussion, the at first slow ballad eventually swells alongside the singer’s heartwrenching trill. “The world is full of eyes but yours are all I see,” she offers just above a whisper.


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There is a tender allure that radiates from the song’s minimalist soundscape, one that gently unarms you with every velvety smooth syllable that slips from Marlana’s lips to express the overflow of her love and longing. Beguiling and aptly dreamy, every layer of “Dreams” is more vaporous and potent than the last — and Marlana once again reasserts that she has an entire world of music swirling inside her beyond the body of (phenomenal!) work the artist created under Milo Greene.

“I’ve pulled it out every few months or so to try different feels and styles of production,” said of the song’s inception, which took place over four years. “The original was just my vocal and acoustic guitar, but that felt more like the 17-year-old version of myself. It wasn’t until I focused heavily on percussion that it finally started to feel more like 2021 Marlana.”

Listen to Marlana’s new single “Dreams” below!

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