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Irene Diaz has shared a blissful queer-love anthem off her upcoming album Lovers & Friends with the release of the new single “You.” Raised in a conservative Christian environment, the song itself started to take form back in 2015 when she was still coming to terms with her identity. “You” is a blissful pop-fantasia that dazzles with its elated medley and Diaz’s euphoric cooing — a powerful celebration of the kind of love and support she found in her partner.


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Between the elastic snap of synths and rubbery beats, Diaz explodes in warm colors and giddy dancing on the song’s music video. Directed by Miggy Vision, the video for “You” sees Diaz fully lose herself in the mellow hues that back her, pouring syrup on pancakes, munching popcorn, and blowing bubbles to the whistful sonics of “You.”

“I hope other queers relate to ‘You’ — sometimes finding that boldness in love is hard, to be who you are, or to even explore who you are,” Diaz said of the single. “You don’t always need a ‘You,’ but it sure is nice to have that support.”

Watch the video for Irene Diaz’s new single “You” below!

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