Ai Bendr shares heartwrenching new song “The Deep”

Ai Bendr shares heartwrenching new song "The Deep"

Ai Bendr has shared a new song with the release of the soul anthem “The Deep,” a bottomless track that highlights her already stunning vocals. The chosen moniker of Australian-born and Michigan-raised Chioma Ai Bendors Ilozor, 18-year-old Ai Bendr has a habit of piecing together soothing mixtures of R&B that are as much a source of healing as they are retellings of intense strife.

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On “The Deep,” Bendr lets her soft murmurs drift alongside spacious beats as she does her best to tenderly trace the struggles of drug addiction within the song. A raw exhaustion bleeds through the track’s airy sonics as Bendr’s heartwrenching gasps become a plea: “Don’t let me fall too far.” And yet the “The Deep,” for all its blue melancholy and depression, glows in the dark with ebbing waves of Bendr’s sonorous voice — a faint but constant light in the darkness.

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Bendr, who has shared previous singles “Coffee” and “Love Me Low” (featured on HBO’s Euphoria), is well on her way to a debut of some kind soon. Back in her studio in L.A. the young singer will be one to watch this year!

Listen to Ai Bendr’s new single “The Deep” below!

Visit Ai Bendr’s website, Twitter, and Instagram to stay updated on new releases and tour announcements.

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